Stock up and Save with Nellie’s in Bulk

Laundry and dishwashing are essential tasks that we all have to do, so why not make the process easier and so much more cost-effective? Bulk sizes of our legendary Nellie’s Laundry Soda range from 200 to 1100 loads, which will keep you well-stocked for months on end.

We reckon reducing waste and conserving resources is super important, which is why we concentrate our products and avoid using water. Our bulk packaging is designed to be reused, helping you minimise waste and reduce trips to the shops.

By purchasing Nellie's in bulk, you can enjoy:

- Significant savings

- Fewer trips to the shops

- Reduced packaging waste

- Reusable tins and buckets

- Products with no expiry date when stored properly

When it's time to recycle your empty containers:

Re-use, Re-purpose, Recycle! Check out our socials for creative ideas on how to reuse your tins and buckets.

At Nellie's, we're dedicated to being both eco-friendly and budget-friendly. Keep an eye out for some exciting new products coming to our lineup in 2023!