TVSN Hosting Nellie’s

TVSN Hosting Nellie's

A fun day out for Nellie's at TVSN

These fine looking pallets of Nellie’s stock are being shipped off to TVSN today!

TVSN will host us on Sunday the 22nd this month and will run live from 5:30pm for a full hour!

The best part is we will be demonstrating each of the Nellie’s items that TVSN loves. We do an impressive 20min slot just on our washing powder, with live visuals of what happened when you wash your clothing in Nellie’s versus other washing powders that use chemicals. This way you can see why going natural is best, not just for Earth, but for your clothing and washing machine.

So remember to join us and see how our little scoop of washing soda can really make a difference.

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