Product of the Month: Nellie’s One Soap

It’s called the one soap, because this ONE soap can do EVERYTHING!

What a great way to start the year, with my favourite product. It’s a product that really makes the whole house a chemical free haven. Even for the animals in your home.

Nellie’s One Soap is biodegradable and non-toxic, so it’s brilliant for just about everything you can think of.
Perfect for cleaning your dishes without leaving a chemical residue behind. Use the One Soap to wash your hands after preparing a meal without drying your skin. Even your pets will begin to love bath time with Nellie’s One Soap.

There are 4 different scents, Melon, Water Lily, Peppermint and Fragrance Free. We only use pure essential oils, so no synthetic fragrance or dyes to annoy your skin.
If you live in a septic tank area, Nellie’s One Soap has got you covered. Our soap is Septic Tank Safe and contains no SLES and SLS.

Trade secret: If you have a pet with a lot of fleas, buy the Peppermint One Soap. Peppermint naturally keeps fleas away from your dogs. The added bonus that during the hot summer months it keeps your pet’s skin cool and refreshed.

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