New Product: Nellie’s All-Natural WOW Stick Stain Remover

The best thing since Nellie's Oxygen Brightener

The Nellie’s All-Natural WOW Stick have arrived to help you out with stains!

This latest little product has proven to be quite effective with everyday little mishaps. Spot cleaning has never been so fast and convenient.

Simply wet the WOW Stick, rub gently onto the stain, agitate under water and wash with Nellie’s Laundry soda!

The natural active ingredients that help us strive for cleanliness are lemongrass and sweet orange, which only makes it that much sweeter to know you are avoiding harsh chemicals.

So if you’re tired of making little pastes for spot cleaning, grab a Nellie’s WOW Stick and do it the natural easy cleaning way.


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